FEMALE MASTUBATION is when a woman touchs her clit, inserts her finger in her vagina,inserts a vibraitor etc. to climax (aka Orgasm).
To stimulate one's own genitals for sexual pleasure.
My girlfriend enjoys female masturbation more than sex!
by Upset with girlfriend May 11, 2006
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The act in which a female will complete the act that many men like to call, “Busting and fat one

It normally results in a liquid being released from the vagina. This is something that men normally enjoy during a session of watching pornography.
Homie #1: Dude, I just watched some porn and busted a fattie.

Homie #2: To what? Lesbo?

Homie #1: Nah bro. Female Masturbation
by LaDenzell Jenkins November 15, 2019
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A myth known among men.
Jake: Gee whiz! I hope Santa Claus comes tonight!
Andrew: Shut the fuck up. You know that he's as real as a female masturbating.
Jake: But female masturbation is a myth
Andrew: Exactly.
by Narfaloila March 8, 2018
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Nobody was home so Janie took her electric toothbrush into her room and put the head of the brush on her clit and turned it on. The bed shook that night like never before, and she screamed in pleasure until she could orgasm no more. She loved to masturbate (female)!!!!
by pantiless June 29, 2007
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Sexual stimulation. This act is usually done using ones hand or other products.(Dildo, vibrator, playmates, etc...). First, using her hand, will gently message her vagina, pushing down and side to side. Then, she will begin to push harder and rub faster. She will then push one or two fingers inside her pussy about an inch or two. Next, her pelvis begins to make a riding motion as she push and rubs harder and harder. Usually a girl will use fantasies to help with the pleasure but if not visual aids work just as well. Eventually the girl will arrive at the highest point of pleasure. This is the orgasm stage in which the toes tighten, the abdomen contracts, and usually the girl begins to sweat. The orgasm can continue for up to 45 min.
Once the girls gone wild commercial came on, she began to Masturbate (female) to the sound of the girls moaning.
by Kinky8888888 March 18, 2007
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