A jumpoff. Just another way of secretly expressing someone is a slut if the person is nearby so words like jumpoff or hoe is too obvious. It comes from the 10th letter of the alphabet and the 15th alphabet: 10=J and 15=O which translates to J.O. which is short for jumpoff
yo shorty right there is a 10-15
by Big-Liek March 4, 2010
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A girl that is attractive yet clearly too young to have sex with!

10 minutes of fun, 15 years in jail!
A: Holy shit look at that hot chick.

B: Dude she is like 12! What a 10-15!

by Powerchamp October 8, 2008
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National kiss your bf/gf week

When you kiss your bf or gf multiple times a day everyday for a week randomly or each time you see them
“Hey Logan!”
“Yeah bby

“It’s national kiss week

From may 10-15
by Suck_me May 10, 2021
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The date in which two people had officially became life long partners.

The two pieces became aligned and vowed unity together to create the most beautiful and aesthetic team.

Bad thing is these two's communication and attitudes. The couple are each other future husband and wife. They have a long journey ahead of them but, it is only based upon the how much they will stick together and ride out anything that is thrown at them. Like in the Bad Boys series, they share an u breakable bond and are always going to make it all work and bring down the bust they are on. Sometimes their personalities clash even though they are so much alike.

If a unity was ever made on this day, they are simply soulmates and will be together for the rest of their lives. Committed and loyal these two will never have to worry about losing one another as long as they are by each others side.
Only down fall is if one becomes unfaithful, cheats, or gives up on their energy transfer. One may not make it after this. They are strong as a whole but, become lost and weak alone. This usually causes one to become volatile and corrupted whilst the other becomes hopeless and unfortunately commits suicide. It's very important for these two to not give up on one another for they have a future of fruitful treasures ahead of them.

(Listen to the moon)
Smooth- "Aye my radiant ray of light, you know that we RIDE TOGETHER?"

Tenshi- "and WE DIE TOGETHER!"


Smooth- "I love you babe dude."

Tenshi- "I love you too forever!"

Since 10/15/20
by Iwillalwaysbeyoursmylove April 3, 2021
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A code for what will happen if you so choose to indulge in statutory rape, aka sex with someone under the age of consent. A breakdown of the code is

5= 5 minutes in bed

10= 10 hours/minutes in court (because it won't take a judge or jury long to convict your ass)

15= 15 years in a magic castle where people will gang rape and beat the living god out of you because you're a convicted pedophile.
Dumbass: Yo, bro I's gonna go fuck this bitch over there.

Guy with some intelligence: Dude, she's 15, you're 25

Dumbass: So bro she's just a ho bro?

Guy with some intelligence: 5-10-15 dumbass

For some reason the government looks at sex as some kind of contract, and you cant agree to a contract if your under their arbitrary age. So if the girl is 17 and your 18, just wait, because if she gets pregnant and her daddy finds out it's yours, he'd probably love to 5-10-15 your ass. On the other hand if your 25 and want to screw a 17 year old, eat shit pedophile.
by crazytexan182 September 19, 2012
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when a place of business is open for a very short period of time, it is described as being open from "10 to 10:15"
mike: yo man, let's go to the local laundromat

tyrone: that owner is such a dickhead. they're open from like 10 to 10:15
by mike hunt95 December 26, 2009
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that time when Urban Dictionary publishers get all their definitions published so make sure you publish at 10:00-10:15.
Jack: It's 10:00! Time to upload some Urban Dictionary definitions!

15 minutes later...
by vashil April 5, 2020
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