ghetto in most parts, but okay in others. the majority of the population is spanish and brazilian, also with a good amount of italians and africans. the local high school is becoming more and more dangerous, (after the basketball game 2 people got stabbed.) more and more violent people move into danbury. some "gangsters" have become skaters. the skating population is also growing very quickly, because skaters in danbury have no intrest in what race/age you are. danbury athletics have been improving with the track and wrestling team winning many state championships in the past 2 decades. the football team is also making an improvment. in all a pretty good place to live, but...if you live in ridgefield, darien, greenwich etc. i highly advise you not to spend much time in danbury as your not experienced enough to handle the lifestyle.
by 2Ki23 January 23, 2011
small city of approx 75,000........ predominantly white with a significant hispanic population (mailny from Ecuador, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico), a solid black population (yes theres black people for those of u from Hartford and new haven) and a small yet growing community of asians. home of immigrants (both legal and illegal), fake gangster clowns, hoodrat bitches, and rich kids who vandalize public property and do drugs with complicated names. Popular place for people running away from NYC and one of the few places ive been to where public housing is in the middle of the boonies. Drugs are sold, but the dealers are ass backwards about how they sell them. Most go to jail for selling a nickelbag of weed to a DT. One of the few places where u can sell drugs, get caught, snitch on your crew and not get shot afterwards. Not dangerous enough to be "hood" (the worst that can happen is being jumped by 20 different sissies swearing they hardrocks) but rich brats from Ridgefield and New Fairfield seem to think its a war zone for some odd reason.
im from danbury, home of the original fake gangsters............
by someguy11 June 11, 2005
Quite honestly the most Ecuadorian infested city in the country. Named the city with the highest number of illegal immigrants in 2005. Ridgefield and Greenwich kids hate us, everyone else fears us. Don't mess around with people from Danbury... they will shoot you, or have someone else do it for them. If you are looking for pot or alcohol.. find a friend in Danbury. While walking the halls of Danbury high you will find that English is the least spoken language. Instead you will hear a great deal of Spanish and Portuguese. White students are a minority. Ethinic groups consist of the Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Dominicans, the Portuguese, the black kids, and the white kids. Can't forget small groups of Asians and other ethnicities. Second largest highschool in Connecticut. Home to the state champion wrestling team as well as track. You will not find English speaking McDonalds employees in Danbury. I suggest you learn Spanish before visiting.
by illfuckyuupindanbury April 2, 2006
The most dangerous city in the United States. Everyone in Danbury carries a weapon and a fair amount of heroin at all times. The particularly dangerous thing about Danbury is that no particular demographic is more dangerous than the other. The whites are just as gangster as the blacks and latinos. Even the nerdy asians are more dangerous than anywhere else in the world.

Out of towners would be wise to avoid the city altogether, but if a visit is absolutely necessary it is recommended that you bring a bodyguard. Or 10. And wear Brazilian-flag colored clothing (Green and Yellow) in order to blend in with the locals. The ability to speak spanish is a plus, as it will help to prevent you from getting shanked if you're cornered by a local gang.

My friend went to Danbury and he came back with 5 bullet wounds.

by ridin1234 March 20, 2008
ummmmm, we dump sand on the roads when it snows. That's about it!
All that sand on the roads in Danbury sure increases our tourism industry
by Markabella March 12, 2006
reminds me of a southern New York. The people ( puerto ricans, Dominicans, illegal mexicans, blacks) have a New Yorks style of living but, the enviorment is more of a mellow down south feel. 15 minutes away from New York City. The number one run away spot for former Brooklyn/bronx residents. Nearly everyone sells weed. a few crack houses here and there. a couple pimps with a line up of crack whores. Public Housing includes the Garden (the G's) mill ridge, high ridge...ect. biggest coke dealer in CT was sentence to 25 years in prison in Danbury for a networth of seven million; his operations were based out of The G's. Drugs are becoming a big problem in Danbury. In ten years it will be the capital of drugs in the north east(quote me on that). Danbury is immigrant infested and robbing mexicans is a pass time for high school students. apart from all that Danbury is a relevant safe place to live. Murder is not an issue over here what so ever. Danbury use to be a problem about ten years ago but, the mayor actually clean out the streets and all the criminals move to Hartford or bridgeport. the school system is good for the most part. the local highschool is one of the biggest in the north east. Danbury is hood in some parts but, not the whole city and, they're no longer a problem because, there's more police here than Brooklyn. We hate the police over here. Overall good place to live in and, you choose if you want the bad side of it or the good. It's not like baltimore & alabama
danbury if New york people move to the south and made a colony
by click clack bitches April 8, 2010
Mexican capital of the northeast- possibly the ghettoest town in Connecticut, besides Norwalk of course.In Fairfield County- The underage drinking and weed capitol of the country. That's hot.
Can I have a job application to a McDonalds in Danbury?
by DBLOCK4LIFE May 23, 2005