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Quite honestly the most Ecuadorian infested city in the country. Named the city with the highest number of illegal immigrants in 2005. Ridgefield and Greenwich kids hate us, everyone else fears us. Don't mess around with people from Danbury... they will shoot you, or have someone else do it for them. If you are looking for pot or alcohol.. find a friend in Danbury. While walking the halls of Danbury high you will find that English is the least spoken language. Instead you will hear a great deal of Spanish and Portuguese. White students are a minority. Ethinic groups consist of the Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Dominicans, the Portuguese, the black kids, and the white kids. Can't forget small groups of Asians and other ethnicities. Second largest highschool in Connecticut. Home to the state champion wrestling team as well as track. You will not find English speaking McDonalds employees in Danbury. I suggest you learn Spanish before visiting.
Danbury is fucking gangster.
by illfuckyuupindanbury April 01, 2006
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