A small device used for conveniently snorting cocaine
I didnt want to bust out lines on the table in front of everyone, so I took a bump from the bullet when no one was looking
by JtotheC June 15, 2003
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The projectile that is fired from firearms of various families, usually composed of a lead or otherwise metal core, and wrapped in a copper or zinc jacket. Propelled by the exploding powder charge stored in the casing on which most bullets are attached to. Usually achieves muzzle velocities upwards of 900 feet/second, reaching as high as 3500 feet/second and ranges between 5 mm to 20 mm in diameter (for small arms)
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
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a small sex toy used often used by women.
F_ck that nigga... I got a bullet to get me off
by jigglin April 22, 2005
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The ugly girlfriend that every beautiful woman has and takes to bars to make herself look more beautiful.
Dude, catch those chicks that just walked in -- I'll take the blonde; you take the bullet this time.
by HCD May 28, 2004
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"Hey man, did you see that Carl Weathers is in the new Vin Diesal movie?"

"Yeah dude, you know he just reinvented his image?"


"Yeah man, he's sportin' a bullet now."
by Cole Hill April 27, 2007
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