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In its simplest definition, tourism means the practice of traveling for recreation.

Unfortunately it has now become the act in which a rich, overweight, usually English speaking monolingual with a cell phone in one hand and a hamburger in the other, who has no regard for the customs of other cultures visits another country and desecrates their traditions and holy places just so they can have pictures of their fat self standing next to some famous world monument. When they visit other countries they don't actually experience them: they stay at a 5 star hotel, shop at a Walmart, and eat at a McDonalds.

These obese people usually carry around a "phrase book and dictionary" of whatever language is spoken in the country they are visiting and mispronounce two-thirds of all the words and have absolutely no manners. They will sometimes even claim to know a country's language and history better then an actual native. This is part of the Jews plan at destroying the nationalism of every country and imposing globalization.
There is an old-fashioned version of tourism and then there is a new age version of tourism. The new age one is for spoiled faggots.
by Layko January 24, 2011
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