In its simplest definition, tourism means the practice of traveling for recreation.

Unfortunately it has now become the act in which a rich, overweight, usually English speaking monolingual with a cell phone in one hand and a hamburger in the other, who has no regard for the customs of other cultures visits another country and desecrates their traditions and holy places just so they can have pictures of their fat self standing next to some famous world monument. When they visit other countries they don't actually experience them: they stay at a 5 star hotel, shop at a Walmart, and eat at a McDonalds.

These obese people usually carry around a "phrase book and dictionary" of whatever language is spoken in the country they are visiting and mispronounce two-thirds of all the words and have absolutely no manners. They will sometimes even claim to know a country's language and history better then an actual native. This is part of the Jews plan at destroying the nationalism of every country and imposing globalization.
There is an old-fashioned version of tourism and then there is a new age version of tourism. The new age one is for spoiled faggots.
by Layko January 24, 2011
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A new kind of specialized tourism (cf. eco-tourism, medical tourism, adventure tourism, etc.), where a traveller intentionally visits heavily touristed areas in high season, in order to observe the humorous (to the tourist of tourism at least) antics and aggravations of all the other tourists who show up at the same time for purposes of regular tourism. Also a good way to cope with your situation when this happens to you accidentally or unavoidable.
I'm not sure what to put here for Tourism of tourism. However, I took a good photo though last summer in Istanbul of two tourists taking a picture of a random cat on the street, and the cat is looking at me with this kind of expression that only a cat can make, as if to say, can you believe the things these tourists will take a picture of? So I guess it's kind of like that.
by Booker T. James March 23, 2011
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Travel on the cheap.Party tourists travel whenever possible, and take great pride in exploring and experiencing areas off the beaten path with little more than a wallet and beer in hand. Immersion with the local populace is key. Breaking bread with our bretheren and then heading to the local discoteque is a classic expericence shared by many party tourists. Party Tourists abided by the 30% rule...30% of the time you must be drinking. The official beer of Party Tourism is Hite Prime
Hey Austin...Party there!
by AIRFORCE_ANDY December 5, 2006
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When communities use marketing strategies resulting in seasonal wall-to-wall tourists.
Our quaint little town is crawling with tourists every Summer; we locals call it maggot tourism.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 10, 2019
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Travelling long distances for the sole purpose of seeking and exploiting easy sex, usually to destinations like Bangkok, Thailand or Portland, Oregon where the locals are more attractive and easier to fuck than wherever you came from.
"Uli can't find any prostitutes around the fetid vulture nest he lives in, so when he wants to fuck strangers he takes vacations to places that have a thriving sex tourism industry, like Portland."
by pdxrambofirstbloodparttwo September 17, 2013
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The act of attending a protest or direct action for the purpose of documenting signs, checking in on social media platforms, or otherwise being present without the burden of caring about the subject of the protest or being invested in any particular outcome. Not to be confused with being an “ally”.
Believe me, she’s just doing it for protest tourism. Rebecca does not, in fact, give a rat’s ass about BLM.”
by RunForestRun2019 January 20, 2019
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The act of deriving pleasure or amusement from the customs, mannerisms, and behavior of people of lower social class, especially when observed from an online multimedia source.
Q: Did you hear the 'Bed Intruder Song,' the auto-tuned version of a man telling reporters about how his sister had been raped? Wasn't it hilarious?

A: No, it wasn't, it was a cruel and disturbing example of class tourism.
by RogueEconomist April 20, 2011
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