A southwestern Connecticut town of about 25,000, known to kids who live there as "the Ridge". Not as preppy as Greenwich, not as wealthy as Darien. There is no crime, so the cops just dick around all day and bust house parties at night. You either hang out at Genoa (italian restaurant), or if you like cutting yourself you hang out by Dunkin. Then you drive around for two hours and end up at someones house right before it gets busted. But if you think there's nothing going on in Ridgefield, just check out any of the nearby towns - Redding, Wilton, Weston, Bethel - theres even less happening. It's Connecticut, dude.

The kids aren't any different from your average connecticut kids, except maybe a little richer. So yes they're preppy, mostly white and probably dont know what hit them the first time they leave their bubble, but theyre not all assholes. Weed is easy to get, alcohol isn't as easy but thats fine cause they steal it from their parents' liquor cabinets anyway.

Ridgefield High School is legit and is consistently ranked in the top 15 high schools in CT. Anyone who has said otherwise, look it up retard. A decent percentage of kids make it to the Ivy league every year. A lot more go to UConn or WestConn.

Otherwise, nothing really special about this town. The people who diss it are probably from Wilton or just have a stick up their ass. I could write about the Battle of Ridgefield or some historical shit, but thats kinda gay.
Kid #1: Whats good in the Ridge tonight, gangsta?
Kid #2: You're not black, dude.
Kid #1: Ok. But seriously whats happening.
Kid #2: Nothing. It's Ridgefield. Wanna go to genoa?
by officer_wooster September 30, 2009
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Regardless of the other definitions of the town of Ridgefield in Connecticut, it really isn't much different or worse than any other suburban town in the United States. Sure, we are probably wealthier than many other towns, but behavior and people wise, we're nothing out of the ordinary.

Ridgefield is a town in Connecticut's Fairfield County. There are six elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two private schools. Ridgefield has some of the best public schools in the country. The main street has many small (and extremely pricey) boutiques. There is also a candy shop and a pizza shop, where most of the kids in the middle schools and high school hang out after school on Fridays because there isn't a whole lot to do here. There is also a park in town, which is a popular teen hang-out spot as well.

Sports play a big role in Ridgefield. The students do have a lot of school spirit, but what's wrong with that? Ridgefield High School has relatively high scores on standardized test as well. Yes, and there are also the kids who drink and smoke, but honestly, what town doesn't have kids like that? Wherever you go, teens will always be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The cops, however, don't really have much to do, so they will punish you severely for relatively minor infractions of the law. And contrary to popular beliefs, the schools in Ridgefield aren't populated with only jocks and sluts. Sure, we have our fair share, but what school doesn't? There are also the sexually active kids, but not everyone loses their virginity at 14 or 15, like many people claim. And there are many people who make large salaries, but not everyone drives around in $70,000 cars and live in $4 million houses.

Ridgefield is just like any other wealthy suburban town. The people who have added other definitions of Ridgefield describing how terrible this town is obviously are just disgruntled and have had bad personal experiences here. That doesn't mean that the town itself is a bad place, it just means that they have gotten involved with people who have made negative influences in their lives. Ridgefield may be boring, but it's not the suckish hellhole that people have made it out to be.
Ridgefield is a wealthy town in Connecticut.
by bernie mac sliz April 13, 2009
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A relatively small town in NJ. The majority of the town has a lot of $ unless they live in the garden apartments. Every other house is a Korean family, and the public schools are only known for their outstanding music program. Everyone knows each other, and people talk behind everyone's backs. The only decent places to hang out is the park and the pool.
My rich girlfriend is on the Ridgefield chorus, band, bel canto, and choir!
by htbangel April 6, 2009
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The original model for what would later become the Homestead and Grid City Acts. A scenic, dyspeptic Connecticut town engineered on the elliptic principle that the distance from any given house A to any store open after 9 B summed with the distance from A to something to do C will always equal D, where D is the distance to New York (of some mathematic curiousity, this will also always be the distance to Wiggles).
Ridgefield has the linear eccentricity of a limp dick!
by Theodore A. See August 17, 2005
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All the kids have tried pot once, cause its easier to get than alcohol. Everyone gets a 4.0 or your considered an idiot. Everyone hates eachother, talks behind everyone elses back, and everyone has money. If your considered poor in this town, its cause your only a millionare and not a multimillionare.

The highschool here is terrible and overrated even though its one of the top in the country. All the girls where mini skirts, have sex at 14, and all go to colleges like boston college and um boston college. Sometimes boston university, too!

You either hang out behind geneoa, starbucks, dunkin donuts, or yanity. The police here are bored since theres no crime so if your carrying a small amount of alcohol you will be jailed for life.

Basically this town is terrible, its filled with white people, and maybe you'll find two or three asian kids around if you look hard. Everyone is an overachiever, and you either go to yale or OD on cocaine or heroine because your family hates you because you didnt get into yale.

So go raise your kids somewhere else.
Where do you live?

On the border of newyork
by ridgefield college kid June 25, 2005
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Ridgefield is a happy little town. nothing ever happens here. its a complete joke. kids get arrest for stupid stuff. then everyone goes bezurk cuz theres nothing else to talk about. if one small this happens the whole town knows and your hated for life!! if you dont get straight A's ppl make fun of you and ur put into low classes and you feel like a complete dumbass. walking to town is something to do but its rare when you dont see someone selling drugs in the park. the copss come when so middle school kids start a snowball fight but there will be someone selling drugs right in front of them and theyll do nothing. theres a better chance that the cop is buying from the person then actualy doing anythign about it.Also the cops are so stupid that someone who was unarmed "stole" 150 bucks from a local bank they didnt have a car or any form of transportation. he was never caught. everyone here is loaded the houses are huge the kids are snotty and bitchy. the girls are the real bitches. you think those girls in hollywood are bad you should come to ridgefield. if you live here chances are u get no exposure to the outside world are slim to none and no taste of reality. the girls are mean to eachother cuz they wanna know that there the best and that they have power over everyone else. the boys are comeplte tools and do anything girls say. the parents are mean kids arnt allowed to do anything. ever. at all. also there is no diversity. all the kids are the same and in 7th & 8th grade kids are still being lectured about bullying cuz the kids are wusses. but to be honest it is nice liveing here and knowing your safe.
by ekdfhd June 4, 2009
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Ridgefield is a village town, we have no fast foods or chains,yes that means no McDonalds. We have 10 banks and 10 Italian resturrants. We have so many Banks beacuse everyone in this town people have multiple accounts beacuse they have so much money. Just driving into town you can see by the houses and cars people have enough money to stop world hunger. Our Main street is filled with boutiques that will cost you a small fortune to shop at. Your not aloud to have neon signs, only "open" signs. We have no boweling alley, no movie theater and nothing that would interest night life. Our nickname is "Richfield". To live here you have to have money, what we consider poor is a millionare. The houses range from 500,000 to 35 million. We have some celebrities. If your lucky you might find a condo at 400,000.

Our school system is rated the best around but if you asked the teenagers that live it, it different from the ratings. Every high schooler has tried pot once and they all drink alcohol regularly. Most kids do alot of drugs beacuse we have money from daddy and we spend it on drugs. The high school has dealers, for awhile it was the security guards till they got caught. We smoke in school, no one really cares. No one gets suspended. The high school is filled with girls who are absoulute sluts and are 80 pounds.The guys who are assholes and then of course the people who have just died inside.Ive never seen so many thongs hanging out of peoples pants and they frankly dont care. All the girls lose their virginity's at the age of 14 in the backseat of a 16 year olds car. The worst problem in the high school is the bullying, if you piss someone off their friends will come after you till you drop off the face of the earth. No one cares about respect beacuse in the end they are right beacuse they have money and power.If you look around maybe you can see a black kid....or an asian, but its hard. Everyone is white but they think they are black, they think ridgefield is the ghetto, its not even close.

Their is no where for us teens to hang out so its usally in a parking lot at Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robins, Genoa, or CVS. The kids who dont have cars chill out in town and the park. The cops are jerks beacuse they have nothing better to do. If you are found with a little alcohol you get jailed for life. If your found in the park after 8 walking, its a crime.

Most people have multiple horses and 100,000 dollar cars. Alot have more then one house, some even have three-four. We live in the What they say is the "OC County" of the east coast. If you asked someone from ridgefield where their from , they say "New york Bordor".
Ridgefield motto-"You dream it, we live it."
Becky- "OMG Liz ur thong is hanging out!"
Liz- "OH, I know.;)"
Rob-" Yo man, you need to come down to ridgefield we will go chill out in the CVS parking lot."
Dan- "Yo man that sounds sick, im in."
by ibelongsomewhere May 21, 2006
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