Used to define the value of your assets in a computergame or your selfvalue in social status.
My networth is down due to the attacks.
My networth just went up when the guy hit on me.
by Doran_nl September 4, 2004
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The price of you soul
What is the price to sell your soul to the devil. Nothing you worthless peice of crap o wow that’s mean atleast my networth is higher then yours!
by Jonnytookmythongy April 4, 2018
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A conversational style designed to let everyone in the conversation establish his or her net worth by the end, which is usually pretty close to the beginning, of the conversation.
Marlene was so adept at social networthing that by the end of her third remark even her wealthier friends began to feel a little disadvantaged.
by Rex Ruthier August 8, 2009
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