An individual belonging to an old money family who chooses to spend their time idly a
while accomplishing very little. These people may or may not live comfortably, with or without support from their family, while they ‘wait’ for their older, wealthier relatives to die.
Has Carter done anything since graduation?

Not really, he tells his family that he’s a playwright, but he’s a waiter — his grandmother is 96
by KinleyTyne February 9, 2021
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A man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant.
A waiter will come by shortly to take your order.
by Definitive Positive April 16, 2020
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When everyone is sitting down and an instruction is given to do something which involves standing up then everyone waits around for the first person to do it.
The boss tells everyone to get up and go to the front of a room. No-one moves. One guy says to the next "This is a total waiter"
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a sex position where u are fucking one woman while fingering the two women either side of the one in the middle, the arms pointing out is where the waiter comes from
person1: hey i just made up a new sex position called the waiter
person2: wot is is
person1: (whispers it to him)
person2: sweet i have 3 girls comin over my house i'll try it!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 31, 2009
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Someone who unobtrusively hangs around a place of business that often has a large volume of customers (supermarket, department store, hotel, etc.), and watches for opportunities to "scavenge for leftovers" and otherwise save money on stuff that he can utilize in his own life. Examples of these opportunities could include finishing/gathering uneaten remains of a family's meal after the group leaves the table, catching an opening/closing door of a coin-operated restroom to keep it from latching when a paying restroom-user is exiting/leaving so that the waiter can slip in and use the facility without having to drop in his own quarter to get the door unlocked again, etc.
If a waiter is part of a sizeable low-income family, several members of his family may be recruited to discretely hang out in various locations around town, so that multiple scrounging/money-saving opportunities can be simultaneously observed on the same day. For example, the husband might sit quietly in a corner of the local service-garage and ask customers for their used motor-oil so that he can take it home and burn it for heat in his specially-designed furnace, while the wife and/or older children spend a few hours at the city park and watch for fellow relaxation-seeking visitors to toss returnable beverage-containers into the area's trash cans.
by QuacksO April 11, 2018
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When you see the waiter/waitress walking toward your table with food that could potentially be yours but, he/she turns to the table next to yours and serves them performing a waiter fakeout
She was walking straight toward my table, my mouth started to water from the smell of the food. Then right when my excitement was reaching its highest point. She walked past to the table behind me committing the ultimate waiter fakeout
by Urban Dictionarytist March 1, 2015
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Waiter Gods are the all knowing, unseen entities who control the ebb and flow of the great tip continuum. They are mysterious and unknowable ,but their wrath can be swift, cruel, and could possibly prevent you from makeing rent this month. As their name implies their dominian of power is over Waiters, but also has been know to effect assistant managers and unscrupulous bus boys.
If one whos income is dependant upon tips is themself a bad tipper then the Waiter Gods insure that mere spare change shall be returned to them with increaseing frequency. If the blasphemer does not repent he can expect to get screwed out of nights and weekends too. The Hindu religion refers to this as Karma, but this is naive and underscores the true power of the Waiter Gods.
Paul totally scamed that waitress at Applebee's last night, but the Waiter Gods made sure that the eight top on table 14 left ,like, six bucks.
by angryboy July 24, 2006
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