Mid 50's to mid-60's beatnik/hipster slang.
Somewhat equivalent to today's "dude" or "man" but with a much cooler zen-bohemian and/or streetwise hipster attitude.
Skoopy loopy koo! Skippitty dippitty wah wah wah!Like, dig that jazz, daddy-o!
by Beatnik Nick May 5, 2006
Slang for dad, or father.
Shit, where's daddy-o, I need to lend his first pressing of Disraeli Gears.
by SkovgaardDK November 7, 2008
(noun) slang for an older man that you do not respect
(adj) synonmous w/ cool, killer, boss, groovy, etc.
(noun) "Hey, Daddy-o" = addressing a teaher, or possibly a boss at work
(adj) "That is so daddy-o!" = talking about something really killer such as a car
by Spicy McChicken July 16, 2006
Being "The Man" and getting a lot of girls. Girls cannot resist you.
Jamal:"Yo who's that?"

Tarik: "Oh, That's Daddy-O. He gets all the bitches."

Jamal: "Damn, that nigga too fresh."
by Paisent December 7, 2013
Daddy-o is a finger game. You make an OK sign with your pointer finger and thumb, then show it below the waste. If someone looks at it, you have to make an "X" on their upper arm, hit it lightly, then wipe it off. If you forget the steps, they have the right to do it to you and hit you hard. If someone spears your Daddy-o, you are lame and deserve to be hit hard. It is a fun game and contagious, especially if it starts being played in a school.
Look at the definiton! It is the example. Yo, you just looked at the Daddy-o and I am gonna hit ya hard!
by I an the real Stan the Man September 27, 2006
One who impresses others with their extensive knowledge of all things patio, including grilling, cocktail-mixing and plain 'ol chilling out.
Vince is the self proclaimed daddy o of the patio, he has a neon light to prove it.
by palmero September 28, 2006
A man who post videos of child abuse and is know called daddy o '3
Man: dude see him, he is like daddy o'5

Friend: what do you mean isn't it daddy o ' 3
Child protective services : now he is
by Moose is dead July 25, 2017