A jamacian boy who chases money but it very humble. He’s sexy and funny. He’s loving and caring when it comes to his girlfriend/wife. He gets angry but always forgives. He’s one of the most mature guys you will ever meet. He does loads for his girl. If you have him in your life you are very lucky. He’s very loyal and only wants one thing, loyalty and love back. He’s brave and strong. He’s gentle and kind. He defends his close ones and protects them at all cost. He’s always knows how to make you smile. He’s great in bed. He respects women. He makes time for people. If you find a jamal never lose him.
Me: Im so lucky to have you, you are so caring Jamal.
by Mixox February 16, 2018
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Hottest, smartest, strongest, and most talented guy you'll ever meet. Don't underestimate Jamal, he is a freak.
Damn you're dating Jamal? He's so fine 😍
by Yknowwho123 July 14, 2017
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One Sexy Ass, Big Dick Havin, Tall Glass Of Chocolate Milk

Understands That These Clout Chasin Bitches Gone Fuck Regardless
Atlanta Bitches Are The Most Gullible Bitches Get Over On

Jamal : Take Advantage
by DatNigga101 March 13, 2017
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Okay first of all, he’s sexc as heck but that’s not what makes him lovable. He might not come off this way to others but he’s so cute and sweet and loving and sooo perfect. I could talk to him and listen to him for hours on end. He’s soo intelligent and interesting. I learn something new from him almost everyday. And can’t forget his style! It’s so unique and it really adds to the sexcness heh. And the list goes on
Jamal is the best bf ever 🙈
by larayexo August 20, 2019
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the name given to very upstanding black gentlemen whose dick is 13 inches long, gets bitches like he is at a dog pound and is a all around fucking awesome guy
look at that guy with all those girls following him around his name must be Jamal
by young money8292 August 22, 2008
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A name commonly found among Muslims from all parts of the world. Jamal appears in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and is thus popular as a name. The meaning of Jamal when translated from arabic is the beautiful or handsome one. This is also related to the name Jamil which means beauty.
Girl: "That man is Jamal"
by Jamal Khan December 28, 2007
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Jamal is a lightskin nigga with a 13 inch dick and he will have you fall in love he would treat you like a queen he is a boss ass strong ass in charge ass nigga he has a huge dick
Girl 1 :Jamal is so loyal to me I wanna marry him
Girl 2: marry him then girl
by Deep nuts wins 1 July 31, 2019
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