Tarik is a really pretty and outgoing person

this name is common in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Arab means star that pulls in the right direction

Guys with this name are kind and helpful, they have great sense of humour and love to meet new people
by sajs1 May 8, 2020
A super cool, intelligent, friendly dude. Who always likes to play jokes and games. Can be serious at times, but you are lucky to have him as your number 1 friend. Very athletic and plays basket ball alot... Oh. and the best looking guy I ever seen!
boy 1: Who's that dude on the bus?

boy 2: I don't know, but I heard he loves basketball
boy 1: Oh maybe he is like a Tarik! I gotta make him my #1 friend!!
by zman1111 January 17, 2011
The Qur'an names the morning star ṭārik and describes it as the shining star that leads the way.
Not so smart lost guy: Where am I?

Smart lost guy: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Not so smart lost guy: Well how do I get home?

Smart lost guy: Just follow Tarik that's what I'm doing!
by dat bull February 3, 2010
Alasdairs moms lover
girl: Have you seen tarik

Alasdair: hes with my mom
by Jackiswrong69 January 18, 2022
1. Which means 'pull' in Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia or in other words the Malay language.

2. A male Moroccan name.
a 'TARIK' sign on the door, which means to pull open the door.

I once dated a guy by the name of Tarik and he's a jerk.
by wnye March 25, 2008
Tarik likes playing GoodGame Empire. Tarik is a person, who rages if he looses.
Tarik is bad at playing FIFA.
by FraukePetri988 January 26, 2018