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the flat area between the butthole and the scrotum... very arrousable place
i touched his patio and he went boom
by Liz January 21, 2003
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During a one night standon holiday she said "I want it on the patio" but I didn't hear her properly and heard "I want it in the batty hole". Batty hole is a term for arse hole used by Ali G (Britsh comic character).
"I'm gonna fill her patio" "I'll tear up her patio later"
by Chris Rhys January 13, 2008
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Most often used to describe an outdoor area at a restaurant or drinking establishment, the lack of which is often constantly lamented by some twats until everyone is sick of listening to them and you have to find somewhere that has one.
Shut the fuck up, Jay, there's no patio within 2 miles of here.
by SleeperStew July 10, 2017
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A guy with a very loud, uncontrollable laughter from Houston that consumes more then enough alocohol in one night; enough to pass out on the patio of someone elses house.
When John passed out on the patio that one time at Toms party, he became Patio!!!
by Patio October 04, 2004
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