This is the noise of a sad trombone, usually lowering in pitch after each 'wah,' that sounds off when someone whines or something bad happens. The last 'wah' sometimes is spelled with extra Hs or capitalizations, in order to drag out the last and saddest sounding 'wah.'

Interchangable with a fail, a boo hoo, or finger tear drops.
Jason: d00d that girl just shot me down.
Aimee: wah wah wahhh!

Jer: I wanted to go to the show tonight but then I got grounded because my mom caught me watching pr0n.
Craig: wah wah WAH!
by michaliann August 25, 2009
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a female wizard and part-time shrink to th eposterman
Posterman says 'here wah wah wah im depressed and dont understand how the world works?', Wah WAh WAh says 'dont worry posterman, it'll all be ok, now where is that bottle of wine?'
by Jimmy S Shine March 23, 2005
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Used in retaliation to someone being a wet-wipe/oversensitive
Holly: You don't understand, I really cared about him
Teo: Wah Wah Wah. Get over it.
by darkschnizzle December 22, 2018
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