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da laing is a very black specimen.

da laing is quite poor and dark.

a very negative individual with very hot stepmoms like linda and pocess very bad skidoos.

fathers are usually of the female sex name.

if you feel thats not gonna work, you feel laing

if you feel poor ur da laing

if you only own a red sweater and designer jeans, chances are your da laing

if you are asian/black/orange/nazi your quite da laing

if you enjoy explosives, you have the same obsession as da laing
-man hear about da laing? he got loaded of 8 beer in 15 hours

kid 1: ok man heres what we will do to get to the top of this hill. we will get the mountain sleds to go first and then the rest will follw. we will got in a zig zag pattern to reach the top.
kid 2:bhy's thats not gonna work
kid 3:shut up laing

cop:hey little african american kid, wadda you doin? whats that there?
Little boy: oh this? this is just a C4 no big deal.
Cop: holy shit we got a code laing

kid 1:hey man, whats that under your shirt? gain some weight?
black kid: what this? no this is just my sucidal bombing outfit
Kid 1: dammit laing

Kid 1: man your comebacks suck!
kid 2: ill go wipe it off yo mommas face
kid 1: only da laing would say that.

Little boy: daddy im so hungry...can we please go get some food?
Dad:now son, you know we have no money.
Little boy: daddy a dumpster or somethin?
Dad:now now son, we dont wanna seem like da laing
by rhodaship666 June 04, 2011
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