plural loos
Its Chiefly British.
A toilet.
loo time!
by Achilles March 11, 2004
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the piddly diddly department, poo parlor, etc. where people in Britain go to take a crap. The end.
Skip to the loo my darling---very ironic and strange
by Elkay February 25, 2005
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Micah: Omg I just want to party
Nathan: hahahaha loo
by Crazn Kyung February 17, 2014
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typo for lol
her: yeah we fucked loo

me: loo?
her: oh i meant lol
by MLD THE GROUP March 30, 2019
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when you fat finger text and send without proof reading. Intended word is "lol" . Usually autocorrect does not fix your fat finger mistakes.
"omg that was so funny...loo"

"loo did you see that"

"you made me loo"
by p. skyllz January 9, 2012
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The replacement of lol on the #adultswim chat channel on server It was created when a user named Allensnickname had a script on that would kick users when they said "lol." The users changed their expression of laughter to loo so they wouldn't get kicked.
<CyberEmperor1> Yo mama said that last night.
<Harlock> loo
by some guy December 29, 2005
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