Device used to express anger or amazement, such as dude, or DUDE!
Gurleen: "Adama...oh...oh...DOODA!"
by Shiva March 28, 2005
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Another way of saying "do the" mostly said in a country accent.
Dooda dishes you worthless good for nuttin woman!
by cravin morehead January 5, 2005
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a slang word for marijuana mostly used in Glendale heights, IL the word was created because other slang words were to obvious
"Yo bro wheres the dooda?"
by Bustcapsinyoassa May 19, 2010
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A dooda is someone u find attractive no relationship just a friend with benifits curresing is allowed, flirting is allowed , lapdances are allowed , groping is allowed.
by SlangUrdannessesity March 16, 2018
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Often used to describe someone with great style or someone who is awesome.
I feel so dooda-cud right now. Don't you wish you were as dooda-cud as me? The novi boys cross country team is so dooda-cud.
by iH4z4Rd0uS September 1, 2010
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Someone who is a dead beat person, which is broke with no job and only talks to you when they need something.
Devante you're a Dooda Bop
by King.Duane June 16, 2014
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A song sung by a man named Super-Duper Sohale when he acts retarted. It also pisses off Beatty Boy/Acne Man.
It's on the Yippie Dooda...
by Sohale January 29, 2005
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