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A result of being in the happiest of states; everything is going right in life; you are open to love because you deserve it; you are strong and independent at this time.

Usually refers to an overall feeling of warmth about everyone and everything around you.

A person may or may not come into your world while you are in love with life:

- If the wrong person comes into your life while you are wide open, this can be distracting and limiting to growth. It can confuse you and take you off course. It can make you feel "wobbly", unsteady and unsure of yourself. It may make you question why that person was placed there at that particular moment, when you were so happy. What lesson was to be obtained? Why was that person brought into your life just to bring you down?

- If the right person enters into your life while you are in this state of being, then you experience that wonderful feeling that many have felt called being "in love". It enhances you as a person, builds you up, makes you feel invincible and beautiful all at the same time. It makes you feel sure of yourself but not in an over-inflated sense. This is because the two are greater than one. Two whole people working to bring out the best in each other elicits awe, admiration and respect.

It describes the confidence felt, knowing that things are right.
The state of fallen in love can only be considered "real" when both people are whole, open and willing to take that leap of faith regardless of the obstacles in front of them.
by morphologicalfreedom September 27, 2013
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