1) Don't be a pussy.

2) Eat shit.
Bill: "I don't think I can drink tonight, my flight instructor is picking me up at 6 AM."

Me: "Oh wow ho, GO WIPE."
by Tyler December 07, 2004
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As in "You'd better go wipe". A common retort
made to someone who has had an almost ridiculous streak of good luck while playing cards (usually poker).

Common in West-Central Pennsylvania.
That's the fourth hand in a row, Josh, 'You'd better go wipe!'
by Justin Zelman January 14, 2006
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commonly used in western PA. When somebody farts unusually loud and it smells horrible.
FART!!!!!!!!!! Dude Go Wipe
by Mark Wilson Jr February 17, 2009
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When a fat, heavy turd is released from your butt while sitting on the toilet and the sheer weight of the log coming in contact with the water causes the toilet water to project up and clean your corn hole. Very rarely will you need to finish the job with toilet paper when this occurs thus saving paper. It is a blessing on our planet.
Hey man how did that number two go, heard a large splash from the kitchen thought you may have fell in.

Nah bro, just executed the Going Green Butt Wipe.

Wow your so eco friendly, I love you.
by IDropBombz April 06, 2011
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