It’s what you say when you meet that special someone, randomly, for the second time.
That moment we shared was magic: we laughed, she blushed (I may have too), then we went our ways... but that smile stuck around for a bit. Few days later here I am, just talking with friends, then she comes into the joint. We lock eyes from across the room, I'm pretty sure I smile. As she's walking over, I look down and laugh a little. I look up and she's there. I have no idea how long we spent looking into each other's eyes, but finally, I said the only thing I could, "Hey there... pretty lady".
by tdunross March 7, 2017
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sometimes boys think this is flattering to call a girl this. i think it's DESE. dece. it's okay.

similar to m'lady. fonder of that.

sweetheart and dearest or lovely are also better pet names.

pretty lady just reminds me of a retard saying HEY BUDDDY over and over.

i do like being called pretty however.
i think all girls do.

basically. pretty lady is a very good compliment. well thought out words switched between boys and girls.
you m-dear are such a pretty lady
by iaminlovewithtomfuller May 30, 2009
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The phrase ‘Hey there, pretty lady’ is generally used to catcall women on the street. For whatever reason, some people who say this think it is flattering or a compliment. It can be offensive so if you want to compliment a girl, maybe refrain from using this.
by -POPPY December 24, 2021
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A pretty lady with a cute laugh. A funny, amazing... Never negative girl, who is somewhat into astrology, but only if people read it to her. Loves iced coffee. Very energetic... Maybe not so energetic actually.

She is also sometimes referred to as Jords or CoolestChickOnTheBlock.
Bro #1: Who's that chick?
Bro #2: That's the Coolest Chick on The Block!

I saw this girl walking around with iced coffee...
Oh yeah that's Jordan (Pretty Lady)
by SexyBoy#1 November 24, 2021
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