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It’s what you say when you meet that special someone, randomly, for the second time.
That moment we shared was magic: we laughed, she blushed (I may have too), then we went our ways... but that smile stuck around for a bit. Few days later here I am, just talking with friends, then she comes into the joint. We lock eyes from across the room, I'm pretty sure I smile. As she's walking over, I look down and laugh a little. I look up and she's there. I have no idea how long we spent looking into each other's eyes, but finally, I said the only thing I could, "Hey there... pretty lady".
by tdunross March 07, 2017
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sometimes boys think this is flattering to call a girl this. i think it's DESE. dece. it's okay.

similar to m'lady. fonder of that.

sweetheart and dearest or lovely are also better pet names.

pretty lady just reminds me of a retard saying HEY BUDDDY over and over.

i do like being called pretty however.
i think all girls do.

basically. pretty lady is a very good compliment. well thought out words switched between boys and girls.
you m-dear are such a pretty lady
by iaminlovewithtomfuller May 29, 2009
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