Bay Area slang for being secretive, discreet, underwraps etc
You gotta be cutty with your ganja bro.

Dude, the fuck, you're so gonna get wrapped!
Nah bro, i'm hella fucking cutty, no one will know.
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1) Noun: Cut- a sneaky, secret place where one can do what they please (usually illegal or sexual activities) without the risk of getting caught (mainly cops and good samaritans who will tell the cops). Also, hangout usually in the woods or beach or off the beaten path.

2) Adjective: Cutty- describing a place that is very safe to do said things in, or a person who is good at doing said things slyly.

3) Verb: Cutty- being sneaky and unnoticable.

1) Stoner Steve: "Hey, girl, you tryinna smoke with me down in the cuts and fool around a little?"
Budfiend Betty: "But wont someone see us?"
Stoner Steve: "Nah, man, that's why they call them cuts."

2) Mary: "HEY! Look at this trail I found leading to a cut!"
Juanna: "No one will ever find this! Its cutty as fuck!"

Jew Gabe: "What's Caitlin doing?"
LisaLove: "She just hit a pipe on the bleachers and no one saw!"
Jew Gabe: "She's cutty as fuck."

3) Johnny Applebong: "Everybody shut the fuck up! We're in a cut, we need to be cutty."

Tony Two-hit: "Shhh, we're being cutty!"

Iron-lung Irene: "Cuts are cutty, that's why they're called cuts."

by Khaightlynn December 08, 2008
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adj.-Chill and secluded. A description of a place away from it all where you are likely not to be seen.
Theres a lot of traffic on 101, lets take the cutty backroad to the show.
by Brendan aka Benj November 16, 2004
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Adjective, used in a similar way as "sketch" to describe something that is out of the ordinary in a way that makes you feel uneasy. However, unlike sketch, cutty can also be used in a positive sense when describing oneself or one's own crew. In this case, the user and/or his/her posse are the ones out of the ordinary in a way that could cause unease.
1: eyo that park looks kinda cutty let's not go in i'm not tryin' ta get stabbed tonight

2: This is a cutty spot to blaze at for sure noone's ever given me shit and cops never roll by here
by brianmarx August 17, 2008
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