The epitome of a friend. Somebody you kick it with. A person who always has your back. You can't go through life without a homeboy. It's hard to have more than one, because they're one in a million.
by Poopdeck222 March 28, 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, homeboy along with homie were both created by Chicano aka Mexican American Pachucos from the word "Hombre" which is spanish for "man". It all derived from the slang they used known as "Calo".
Chuco #1: What's happenin homie??

Chuco #2: Just kickin it with my homeboy.
by rob-g April 14, 2007
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home boy to a girl is a great friend who has her back and is real too the end
johnni noi from the big d is ka8e babybez homeboy.
by opitsindrumn0120012small September 4, 2015
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In the California Prison system a "Homeboy" is someone from the same race and county you are from whom you are on good terms. Your "Home" town etc
Have you met Dan yet, he's also from Sacramento, he's one of your Homeboys!
by Dan-G-erous July 21, 2011
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