A family name that is generally passed down from generation to generation (via males of the family in Western culture). Women, traditionally (but not quite so much these days) often adopt the surname of the man they marry.

In modern culture it's fine for a male to adopt the females surname (though not that common), for couples to hyphenate their existing surnames into a new surname eg. if mary jones marries john smith they may join their surnames to be jones-smith or... possibly, it's fine to just create a whole new name (also not that common). Most commonly it is fine for each person to keep their own surnames and then fight when the children come along as to whose surname the children will get.
by Em Wun March 8, 2005
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The last name in a pair of names, used mainly for people's names.
Jack Michaelson's surname is Michaelson.
by LRS November 14, 2004
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michael goodburger's surname is "goodburger"
by Heisenburg May 18, 2009
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The act of adding a surname to the phone contact of an ex after breaking up with them. Forms part of closure as usually only the bf/gf would be surname-less in an address book.
"Have you definitely finished it with Kylie then?"

"Yeah, it's official. I surnamed her this morning."
by sternboller February 12, 2012
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people whose names start with the letter b are often slutty, hot and are the ones who loose their virginity first.
person 1: did you hear hannah B lost her virginity?
person 2: well i mean her surname b what did you expect.
by missycupquake July 29, 2016
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The logical accmpaniment to site names
Ah, Tilla’s treasure, how luvly, but I din't quite catch the site surname.
by Hercolena Oliver July 7, 2010
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