Referring to "Life and life is 84"

42 + 42 = 84

Yes. Just, yes.
Dude #1:Hey dude, life and life is 84, man!

Dude #2: OMG NO WAY.
by Middyysaur November 19, 2010
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A sexual position when one guy is laying on his hands and feet in a crab position while another guy proceeds to sit on the bottom guy's face. The bottom man then starts to eat out the asshole of the top man while the top man jerks off the bottom guy.
Last night i 84'ed the shit out of some fat guy.

I wanted my ass eaten out so i figured I go and 84 this fag.

You thought 69'ning was fun, well get your ass eaten and dick jerked off witht he 84.
by Team Sexual July 25, 2010
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1. Wire wheels.

2. Refers to the center part of the wheel (not the number of spokes), which was first featured on 1983-1984 Cadilacs (which were actually hub caps, that looked like wire wheels). Wire wheels are mounted on spindles and use a take-off or spinner to attach the wheel.

FYI: True pimps, playas, hustlers, shot callers, ballers, etc. only floss Dayton wire wheels (which are the best money can buy). Dayton does not make an 84 spoke wheel only 72 and 100-120.
by jpeso September 4, 2005
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Her face looked like the number 84 when she looked at me, so I followed her into the washroom. Good times.
by The Hamsters of Uranus March 2, 2012
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Rims that have eighty four spokes. Very clean rims, drug dealers on the grind usually roll on 84s.
Dat ride had 84s pokin out.
by DaChamp "C. Zoo" June 19, 2005
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also refers to the 1984 oldsmobile cutlas ciera.
we be parkin lot pimpin in da 84.
by DonRok October 12, 2007
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2. Refering to the coolest bitches you know.

3. The year only the coolest were born.
1. Yeah, Im hangin with my 84's this weekend

2. She definatly wasnt born in 84
by Jonathan April 21, 2005
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