Refers to an area far away in distance or in the middle of nowhere.
"We drove hella far out in the cutties to find that party."
by Lerms October 16, 2008
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Someone who partakes in the buying and smoking of crack-cocaine, usually does not have home, but remains on a cutty stoop
That cutty over there hasn't moved for sometime, maybe we should poke him with a stick.
by major peacock January 25, 2008
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(cuh'tee), n. A woman's naughty place; vagina; pussy - as they pertain to sex.

Syn: coochie, na-na, good-good, pussy, vagina, Y
Brotha #1: Aye man! Why yous so happy?!
Brotha #2: Cuz man...
Brotha #1: Cuz why?!?
Brotha #2: Cuz I got some cutty last night. Twice, and once this morning...
by Murder Mook February 15, 2011
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1.) Adj. Shady, Inconspicuous, Amibiguous, Deceitful.

2.) Anybody who rolls up in Vallejo, California. Namely from Country Club Crest near highway 37.
1.) Damn, some cutty shit went down last night! I'm STILL high!

2.) Cutty #1:Ay, bluh! Was playin'?

Cutty #2:Ay! Not much, cutty! You up for poppin some bitches lata'?

Cutty#1: Aw! You know!
by A_I June 27, 2006
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a fucked up 80's Oldmobile cutlass... usually rolling on dubs, tinted the hell out, and falling to pieces because of a stereo that costs more than the car did
yo... check mah new cutty... skrrrrrrt
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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