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Satan! - The Board Game!
dat is some seriously fucked up shit right there i'm not kiddin ya neither
by meatwad September 10, 2004
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Lead Man for several famous bands. Also a habitual masturbator
Mike Patton is a habitual masturbator
by meatwad May 06, 2005
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What Disco Stu said he should have done after steroid-crazed Marge broke a jukebox over his head at Moe's Tavern.
Disco Stu shoulda Disco Ducked
by meatwad April 14, 2005
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one who works your nutsack without romantic relations
man john deberry is peytons' fondel buddy.
by meatwad September 20, 2003
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something that is unmeasurablly pimp(to a pimptinth power)
that pimp is so fucking pimptastical. damn!!!!
by meatwad September 22, 2003
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In referance to the video game 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. It was said by some random spammer over at J.D.'s Worst of Wrestling.
Vice City is boos! But it now!!
by Meatwad October 21, 2004
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A rugby playing, clothes too tight wearing, Blind Pig Tavern working prick.
Marc Petrini is a super-mega-ultra douche bag.
by meatwad April 06, 2005
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