Means 'What's up?'

Often used to drag Miley Cyrus.
''Now.. back to.. this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley whats good?
by October 4, 2015
means whats up, whats new, how've ya been?
yoo whats good??
nadaaa.. chillin chillin son..u?
by ashlee August 5, 2003
when you want to burn a bitch who has been talking shit about you in the press
Nicki Minaj : Miley, whats good??
Miley *sweats*
Audience: Aw Shii-
by NickiMinajj September 7, 2015
another way of saying how are you to somone
bob:whats good
me:im cool man
by no,whats your name September 7, 2003