1) Like the cut...off to the side or in the background, generally implying some type of shady activity.
2) Out of the way, far from normal civilization (NOT the same as "country")
1) "We in da cutty motherfucker, you done done too much you got it comin' motherfucker" -Snoop Dogg ("Die 4 My Niggaz")

2) Compared to the rest of America, Alaska is way the fuck out in the cutty.
by Nick D October 15, 2003
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a group of niggas from bay area reppin Vallejo...3C's down Country Club Crest...if you live there u a Cutty
hey cutty!!
Whaa iz it?! Cutty
by Duke October 20, 2003
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cutty: (n) someone disobeying authority by executing mischievous and playful actions; typically enhanced by the descriptor 'young, young'; origin: Vallejo, Spring 1980, modified from Cutty-sark sign near Country Club Crest and Highway 37
Billy hit a home run to the swamp and pimpslapped Snoop and Boo when he rounded third. He's my young, young cutty.
by Chocolate Thunder February 17, 2004
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