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A word girls use in a daddy relationship to make cum sound "cute".
Cummies: What you want from your favorite daddy.
by Translucentstar October 15, 2015
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Piece of cloth or hankerchief used to collected ejaculated semen after male masterbation, usually left hidden under pillow or materess of teenage males. Used to prevent semen from spilling and staining the bed sheets - and supposedly to stop your mum from finding out how much you masterbate (but mums know what's going on - the smell is a giveaway!)
"Gees, I'd better wash my cummy - it's really starting to stink!"
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
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The liquid substance that comes out when you have an orgasm.
Senpai smack my ass and fill me with your heavenly cummies! ヽ(β˜‰α—œβ˜‰)οΎ‰
by DannyTheScoob June 26, 2016
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Male underwear that has been saturated with the DNA of the wearer. Can usually be found hanging on the shower rod in Rob's bathroom.
"Stay out of the shower because the cumies are drying."
by Dave S. February 04, 2004
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adj. Full of cum. To possess cum-like qualities. To be sticky or translucent.
Leroy de Scribbler was going to drive to the store, but when he looked outside he realized it was very cummy, thus he also became cummy with his father, who in turn was also cummy.
by March 12, 2003
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Undies that you cum in and are forced to wear for the rest of the night. You are probably too drunk to notice.
Jack came while being twerked on and had to wear cummies for the rest of the night.
My buddy didn't realize he had cummies on until the next morning.
by Brownsfan58 July 27, 2016
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