A word girls use in a daddy relationship to make cum sound "cute".
Cummies: What you want from your favorite daddy.
by Translucentstar September 1, 2015
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sperm. nut. milk. seed. children.
by gayman445 April 11, 2022
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sperm. nut. milk. semen. children. A word girls use in a daddy relationship to make cum sound "cute". Can be male underwear that has been saturated with the DNA of the wearer. Also a cracker with semen on it.
"Senpai smack my ass and gimme those cummies! ヽ(☉ᗜ☉)ノ"

"I busted a FAT nut and my cummies went all over the place"

- "I just came on this cracker. Wanna taste it?
- Get your fucking cummie away from me you weird fuck"
by cumlord6969 September 22, 2022
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A close friend of Smoke Crackulas who gets jacked off on by Wankenstiens Monster. Originally called the MUMMY....his name was changed because of the large amounts of sperm that were deposited on him by Wankenstien!!.... thus.... becoming .... "THE CUMMY"!!!!
WOW...The mummy got jacked off on so many times by Wankenstien that he is entirely covered in sperm.....We shall chnge his name to "THE CUMMY"!!
by Pete Negwaski! February 14, 2008
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The liquid substance that comes out when you have an orgasm.
Senpai smack my ass and fill me with your heavenly cummies! ヽ(☉ᗜ☉)ノ
by DannyTheScoob June 27, 2016
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a cummie is like a communist however they are more slutty
are your a cummie?


wanna go out sometime?

by shitheadman February 8, 2021
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