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A Japanese honorific used when someone is older than you in age or they have more experience in a field than you. The opposite being Kouhai

It is usually a troup in anime or manga for a Kouhai to desperately seek their Senpai's attention but fails as because their senpai ignores them continuously.
"Kumagi-senpai was really nice to me today. He even offered me to go drinking with him after work!"
by tanabata July 28, 2016
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(Japanese)An Upperclassman. Used in relation to fellow classmates of higher level or age. It can be used like -chan or -san as well as by itseld. I.E.: "Urameshi-senpai" or just "senpai"
"Sempai! You're going to be later for class!"
by Sashiro September 27, 2004
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1. a word you call your love interest (hentai)
2. a word you call your superiors (real life in japan)
1. anime retard: DON'T YOU LOVE ME SENPAI

2. person1: senpai is helping me with homework
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by aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! January 08, 2020
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In Japan, senpai (先輩) is a mentor or senior. "Senpai" is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of a mentor, though it does not imply as strong a relationship as these words mean in the West, and the term is used more widely and with greater "give" then the western equivalent term. More simply, it can be translated as "Senior" or "Elder"
"I wonder if senpai is going to teach me that new fighting technique today?"
by Aidensman February 05, 2015
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Pronounced sen - pie. Also known as Sempai.
A Japanese term used to address someone higher than you politely. E.g. if you are in 4th grade, then anyone in 5th grade or higher is you senpai.
The previous definition is a reference to animated game, Yandere (Yaan - dah - reh) Simulator.
Senpai just finished his/her HSC (higher school certificate), I hope I'll do well when i take my HSC in a few years time.
by Soulfinder6546 October 27, 2015
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