sexual term meaning to enter penetrate a vagina and or ejaculate fluid into a vagina.

The Motion Picture ...Election:
Oh, God. Oh,just like that.
Fill me up.
Fill me up.
Oh... yeah.
Fill me up.
Oh, God.
Just like that.
Oh, yeah.
Fill me up.
God. Oh, God!
Oh, God. Just like that.
Do it, Jim. Fuck me.
Do it, Jim.
Just like that.
Do it, Jim. Fill me up.
Just like that. Do it, Mr. M.
Do it. Fuck me, Mr. M. Fuck me!
Fuck me hard, Mr. McAllister.
Harder! Harder!
Fuck me, Mr. McAllister. Fuck me hard!
Harder! Fuck me! Please!
by rance mullinix January 2, 2008
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Being informed about more details of something. Giving all the details. To brief or inform.
Karen: Becky, met this really hot guy at the bar last night.
Becky: Nice!! Fill me in.
Karen: He took me back to his place and showed me how big....
Becky: And???
Karen: .... his wallet was. I told him I didn't care how much money he makes, I just wanted to fuck his brains out.
Becky: Karen you slut! You're too easy hahaha.
by cpetkunas July 1, 2020
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what is said when a huge hunger goes unsatisfied
Chell: "What shoud i have for lunch today?"

Dave: "How about a hot dog."

Chell: "But it won't fill me."
by Margin Monkey #1 March 2, 2011
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A perverse, or perhaps more gangster way of saying You feel me?
I'm saying we smoke a blizzy tonight, you fill me?
by 69cuntdestroyer July 6, 2020
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Saying to quote when your vagina is about to be stuffed with more than one penis.
Fill me up, buttercup
by Spanky, Lil March 10, 2017
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When someone tells you a lie, you are being filled full of shit.
"I've got a 12 inch dick."

"Hey man, don't fill me full of shit."
by jordanc57 August 11, 2007
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