to be indifferent,unconcerned,or uninvolved in the interest of other people
The people at this job is very impersonal they keep to themselves.
by Gerard Irick August 14, 2010
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A word used to signal a group of people to collectively bother one person.
Guy 1: Yo let's fuck with Guy 3.

Guy 2: Aight, impersonations Guy 3.
by feeling good akon December 11, 2008
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pretend to be (another person) as entertainment or in order to deceive someone.
"it's a very serious offense to impersonate a police officer"
by bish0han February 17, 2015
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Casual sex with a stranger. It frequently refers to casual sex between two anonymous males in public restrooms. Laud Humphreys studied it in 1960 as a doctorate student of sociology at Washington University. The University refused to grant him the PhD for ethical reasons. Conceptually, it is close to one-night-stand, and no-strings-attached sex.
Michel Foucault, the famous French philosopher, experienced impersonal sex while visiting San Francisco.
by M Abdel Aziz December 19, 2009
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Someone who dresses up as Usher as a job for entertainment purposes. It's a little known fact that Usher is the second-most impersonated celebrity after Elvis. The few good ones can be found in Vegas, but the many bad ones usually work in the aisles at weddings, churches, and movie theaters. These shitty Usher impersonators usually have to wear "Usher" name tags so people know that they're trying to impersonate Usher.
Vanilla Ice: "Man, that guy at the movie theater showing people to their seats sure was one hell of a broke down Usher impersonator. I mean, if you're 60 years old and white and have to wear an 'Usher' name tag so people will know what you're doing, find another job."
Snow: "Yeah, I thought he was trying to be Bob Barker at first."
by Nick D May 24, 2004
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To perform oral sex on a woman. So called because from a womans perspective whilst having oral sex performed on her the other player would resemble Stalin, WW2 Russian dictator renowned for his bushy moustache.
Okay love, before we get down to a bit of the old heave-ho i though i'd just nip downstairs and do a quick impersonation of stalin, just to say i love you.
by The Ginger Terrorist November 21, 2005
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