Interchangeable with crappy; basically means of horrible quality.
That mall has such crap shops.
by Mallorey April 22, 2005
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1. AOL

2. Windows
Holy sh*t you use that crap.
by Aowolf November 12, 2003
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A respectable curse word. Not as heralded or as fun to say as shit, fuck or even damn, but still a fairly respectable curse word.

-A milder word for shit, meaning poop, feces, excess, dung, plop, manure, #2, spoor or dropping.

-Something you say out of anger, sudden realization or frustration.
"Ahh crap, I forgot my (add whatever noun you want)."

"Haha, that asshole's dog just took a crap and now he has to pick it up."

by Lazy Legs and Fast Hands April 19, 2009
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what someone says when their about to get huge rage or really wants to go gangsta and say a bad word in front of their parents. also means poop
your a piece of crap1!!!!11111!!!
by KoolKidz112 September 24, 2017
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substitute word for the "S" word; stuff
Bill: holy crap!

BOB: get yer crap outta my tiolet
by naikih May 25, 2006
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