when you crap into someone elses asshole
i can't believe you did an interchange with sam humm
by escapedfromhellview May 16, 2006
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Where walt dog goes in the morning to get to school where all the lads go to have scraps. Wright dog went here and made cunts refuse then rolled them for their culture kings. In 1988 Palm dog rolled the first cunt there
At TTP Interchange some cunt got stabbed
by kel dog October 21, 2021
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Definition. CISV ( Children's International Summer Villages) Interchange programs are for youth ages 13 to 16 years and usually comprise two groups of 10 youths from two cities with a chaperone. You spend one month hosting a friend from a foreign country and one month as a guest in their home. Great cultural immersion experience.

Peace Through Understanding is their motto..

GIF Of actual CISV Card on Praxis* page of GIPHY, but not found in search here yet.
Yaron and I participated in a CISV Interchange along with 9 of his friends from Tel Aviv and 9 of mine in NYC. First summer he visited me in NYC for a month. The following summer, I lived with his family and we toured Israel.
by Praxis8 April 14, 2017
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The interchange of I-94, I-494, and I-694 in Maple Grove, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. The interchange marks the western ends of both I-494 and I-694. Often congested on eastbound I-94 in the mornings, sometimes too early to be imagining traffic jams like that.
I-94 East is jammed up from the Fish Lake Interchange to 95th Ave.

Wanna take US 10 instead?

You bet.
by The Volkswagen Beatle June 19, 2005
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Upon penetrating the anus, the penis is withdraw and thrust into a vagina, then back into the anus.

This is generally done before the balls have a chance to become cold and shrivel slightly.
"It's time for the almondsbury interchange, baby!"

"Please don't give me the almondsbury interchange me again"
by kweil0 December 3, 2009
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A high speed interchange designed to funnel traffic from one highway into the lanes of oncoming traffic on another.
None of the drivers or passengers who died were drinking. Now people are worried about leaving their driveways, what if the state designed another new doomsday interchange somewhere else?
by Solid Mantis January 3, 2020
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