A person lacking friends and or little to no social interactions. A milder is also someone who is tall and sluggish and have yet to loose their virginity and have had no affectionate interactions with a female. For example, kissing, making out, blow jobs, fingering.....etc. basically a milder is a unsocial, sluggish, tall, virgin with no ambition in life and will go no where in life.
That kid was sitting next to me all year, I didn't even know he went to school here. What a milder.

He's 17 and a virgin with no friends, what a milder.
by Grand master Lockwood November 19, 2015
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The opposite of a wedgie. When somebody pulls another persons shirt over there head. I came up with this fine word when I was sitting at a window, and some guy yelled "Eric Milder!".
Jimmy: He gave me a Eric Milder!
HughGeeRection: lolwut.
by DiNoSaUrLeGoS May 25, 2011
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TKC produced minivan keyboard.
Did you get a NOS Minivan from Evan?
No, this is Van Milder.
We'll see about that!
by Flipdipchip June 10, 2021
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A whiny kid or a grown man who will die of stress or something related
As a kid Milder is a cry baby always wants what he wants or else he cries

Might have a mental problem
Milder:hi guys can i have that shirt
jap:No sorry
Milder:be like that we arnt friends

Jap:fine take it
by Justinelove123 December 1, 2015
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A milder is a person that has no hope in life and complain about everything but have no solutions. Milders have very low intellect and more than likely been fingered by their parents. Milders love politics but don’t know what it means. Most milders believe Donald trump or Mary Lou are gods. Never try and reason with a gang of milders.
The local Milders got very confused and upset when they lost the election. They didn’t understand that the lowest number of votes lost. They thought the lowest number won.
by Horseyboxy January 6, 2021
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