I have to get away from that little kid! He's driving me crazy!
by Rasnodar April 6, 2011
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Probably the most annoying age group known to man. Ages 4-10. Commonly found playing Minecraft, watching DanTDM, and trying to cuss others out on a game because it's their bedtime. They also are commonly found in the comment sections of YouTube videos attacking anyone that offend their precious favorite YouTuber(s). You can easily detect them with their bad grammar and horrible spelling and incorrect use of certain words.
Little Kid: Peace out fuckers gotta go to bed bye motherfuckers

Teen: Bye little kid. Nobody's gonna miss your tantrums and horrible grammar.
by iimistyy January 10, 2017
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Girls 10 and under, boys 12 and under.
Little 9 year old: I WORSHIP Miley!
13 year old: Screw off, asshole. You're a stupid little kid.
by Mama mia! January 19, 2010
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Someone under the age of 11, factually speaking.
“Dude you’re a little kid, you’re legit not even in 5th grade yet”
by TheStrongestPersonEverIcantdie December 1, 2022
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Commonly found playing Minecraft, watching Dan TDM, cussing people out because it’s their bedtime and saying they have a girlfriend, Even though they don’t
by Lol I’m an ass November 10, 2018
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A little kid fell in Harambe's enclosure

I hate little kids!

Little kids are so annoying!

I love little kids!

I have to babysit some little kids

My favorite actor on Diff'rent Strokes was the little kid
by frabrizio July 6, 2017
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