Acronym for "Clean Out (the) Refrigerator Night." Used to describe a dinner of leftovers.
"I'm taking it easy tonight. Dinner is going to be C.O.R.N."
by Gator Pam February 22, 2007
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What people say to randomly start a corn showdown where the 2 yell or say "corn" back and forth to see who gets the last corn, you can also make your corn better by saying "Ultracorn" or some other clever name.
by Ultracorn April 12, 2010
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1) A corny person or someone who says corny needless shit. 2)someone who sags their pants or follows trends. 3) any thug that steals clothes or accessories then wears said clothes or accesories proudly as if they paid for said item(s). 4)any person who acts proud to be fortunate enough to buy things others. can't buy
5)Any person who fits any or all reqirements listed
Examples(when referring to ones "need" to have an item from polo Ralph Lauren) "if it ain't a horse you ain't a boss" the person who said this quote is indeed a corn
by mrxclusve January 16, 2011
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geezer 1: You out tonight?
geezer 2: Nah man, I ay got no corn.
by toastface July 29, 2005
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The best food on the face of the earth, although it has no nutritional value.
Corn is teh best thing in teh world!!!!!!
by Sniperm0n May 30, 2007
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Shortened version of the term "cornhole" - used primarily in the US Rocky Mountain states.
"Girl, you've got such a nice booty - I'd love ta corn ya!"
by buffalo patty December 19, 2004
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