Not being a team player. A selfish act where what you're doing is helping (ie: feeding) yourself or the enemy, either on purpose or by being a noob, sacrificing the entire teams potential.
Ay Yo, Quit feeding and pass the ball!
by speedlitechamp May 22, 2014
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To not only be of no help to one's team, but to actually HELP the oposing team.

In DOTA, dying gives the opposing team both Expirience and Gold for your death, this is known as a feed.
"0 kills 16 deaths! what a mega feed!"

"He keeps running into them! What a Feeder!"
by Mitchelnext September 3, 2009
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A term in team-based video games used to describe someone who is not playing with the team and/or is playing selfishly. This person will usually stray away from the team/objective in a match. The enemy team will be able to take advantage of this situation by either being able to kill the "feeder", or pushing towards the objective while the "feeder" is unable to help. The word originates from games where special abilities can be obtained through dealing damage. If a person is getting damage dealt to them constantly, they are "feeding" the enemies ultimate.
"Does this guy know the objective, or is he is just feeding?"
by The_Informer June 24, 2017
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A term used to describe a syndicated article/item on the web via RSS, XML, or ATOM technologies.
"I just got a feed talking about a cool new service called"
by The Wanderer June 1, 2005
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Random drunk text message achieved when a phone, equiped with predictive typing, has the number 3 key pushed 4 times in succession.
Press: 3-3-3-3 = FEED
by Getz July 19, 2004
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New Zealand slang (chiefly Maori) for food. Specifically a meal.
Man, I'm gonna cook us up a mean feed!

We went down to the shops to get us a feed.
by Ace Noddy January 30, 2011
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