used in England for shorter version of Football, which americans call Soccer
You goin down the park for a game of Footy?
You watching the footy tongiht?
by Jarocho Condessa March 11, 2004
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Footage. From Freebord (skate/snowboard) culture. Video of an individual riding, doing tricks, etc. Typically hosted on a website.
You broke your bord practicing a backflip? Dude, where's your footy?
by SoFaux July 7, 2005
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slang word used by most Aussies describing AFL (Australian Football League).
I’m going to watch the footy.
by bread infection December 5, 2009
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To get a guy off by using only your foot.
by Carve a ham! July 30, 2011
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The act of sending a person from one bureau to another, claiming it's in the other bureau domain.
Those bureaucrats do the footy with a person till he goes bananas, but when you owe them, they go straight to the point.
by Shapoklak April 8, 2014
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A shortened version of the word football used in:

Australia to mean either:
Australian Rules football
Rugby League
Rugby Union

England to mean:
I'm off to the footy this Friday night to see my beloved Kangaroos thump Collingwood. Man those Magpie supporters are bogans.
by Ash April 13, 2005
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Slang for football - can mean many different sports depending where said -

Australia - AFL (Australian Rules) or Rugby Leauge/Union NRL

U.S.A - American Football/Gridiron

Europe, South America - They call it football, we call it soccer.

Asia, Anywhere else - I dunno wtf it means
Footy is fun to play and watch, both especially more fun if you are shitfaced.
by Nezbit. January 5, 2005
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