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When you drop in soft curses like "hell" or "ass", the G rating gets that letter "P" added to the front
Person 1: "Yo what the fu-"
Person 2: "Hey hey hey, keep it PG."
Person 1: "-hell??!!"

Person 1: "Motherfu-...I mean asshole!"
by LinkGanonSlayer June 26, 2018
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Derived from the abbreviation for "Parental Guidance", PG is used for describing something rude or potentially offensive for which the conversation participants may require adult supervision.
"Oh Fiddlesticks!"
"Whoa, that's a bit PG!"
by zippy January 05, 2005
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The need to employ a self imposed censorship on utilizing expletives when having a conversation with a friend in the presence of adults and/or uptight people.
Dude! Watch your language. PG is in the room!
by Royhame, Williams May 08, 2008
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A term for Prince George's county, Maryland. Part of the DMV area (District of Colombia, Maryland and Virginia).
"This is D.C. chillin', P.G. chillin', my name Wale and I came to get it" - Wale, "Chillin"
by bonkeykong February 20, 2009
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Stands for "Popular Group". It's that group of people who always get invited out to parties, who everyone knows, the pretty girls, the hench lads.
Person 1:OMG Anujan is going out with Grusan
Person 2:I know, he's such a PG.
by bigPG24 May 22, 2011
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One of two "hardest" counties in the state of MD(maryland). Richest Black County in the United States.
I'm from P.G, nicca respect it.
by vo January 13, 2004
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