A man/woman that is Tough as nails . Rugged
That guy never gives up he is COPELAND thru and thru
by Robert COPELAND September 20, 2013
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A very tough guy he is VERY SEXY and smart he is a sports kinda guy
"Hey my names Copeland"
"Wow I'm already in love"
by Copeland smith April 13, 2017
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The act of getting a blumpkin from an extremely under-aged person while sitting on a five gallon bucket in the back of a high school band trailer while a midget amputee face fucks you with his stump.
Guy: Hey I have some candy in this trailer!

kid: Okay!

guy: gives secret hand signal to amputee midget and follows kid into trailer, proceeds to run The Copeland on the unsuspecting kid.
by Negro Dave May 25, 2011
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Copeland is the meanest person you will meet. He will manipulate you until you like him and then call you fat. U ignore it and get manipulated into telling him who u like. Then he calls u fat again. Then a cunt. Slut. Etc. Then he gets in trouble and tells the person I like him. Then impersonates a teacher and fights u thru text. u go to a teacher cuz he calls u nasty stuff, he ends up just getting u a detention.
Me-Hi teacher I need to show you this text.
Her-Ok I'll talk to him
Her-Ur getting a detention
*Copeland smiles
by doglover0813 November 23, 2019
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Daughter of lovely married couple Kellin and V-Katelynne Quinn. She is the cutest baby and if you dont agree Kellin will beat you with his TOMS.
Peasant: who is Kells holding?11!!111!1!

Me: uhm gurl thats Copeland Quinn now back off!

Peasant: Excuse me?!

Me: your excused.
by allblacksleepingveil February 3, 2014
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