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Black culture is a group of people with happiness and awesomeness. It’s a culture in America with good personality, characteristics, good vibes, good talk, and just awesome at life.
Person 1 yo black culture is the culture of awesomeness

Person 2 yeah I know it’s breathtaking
by Greatest ppl champ November 1, 2018
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A youngman that can get any girl in her loving feelins. He really fucks the girl too.
The best. The Legend
by Greatest ppl champ April 19, 2018
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Someone smart and educated. He passes all his tests with no mistakes.
Giovanni is really smart

He the one will ace all his test sorces.
by Greatest ppl champ July 9, 2018
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A Rich as nigga that will never go broke.
He has great personality that can get your lady and fuck if he wanted to. He is a intelligent man. That no one can't beat.✌
Person1: yo gio is a blessing he's just perfect how can he do that.
Person2: Lucky... I wish i can be gio.
Person 3: you all can't be giovanni.
by Greatest ppl champ May 28, 2018
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A good conversationlist he can go on and on . He's really awesome everybody wants to talk with him. His speech and ways of talking is exceptional compared to others.
We love talking with giovanni he's really awesome.
He's a smooth actor

With a sexy voice.
by Greatest ppl champ July 2, 2018
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