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"The Struggle" refers to the difficulty and danger that is faced, every day, by those of lower socio-economic class living in areas such as housing projects and ghettos. It is a term often used to in Hip-Hop music, particularly Gangsta Rap, as a means of enlightening the listener to the difficulty of day to day life for many African-Americans living in such localities.
Pour a forty on the kerb, G. For the homies who died in "the struggle".
by Marshall T. Bear September 02, 2007
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Anybody on the grind. Anybody who is going through physical and emotional struggles on a daily basis. In the ghetto, these may include poverty, drugs, crime. Elsewhere, this may include family breakup, constant relocating, and drugs.
ghetto struggle: Damn man we livin the struggle here in da projects
by playa4life February 28, 2007
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A general response to anything bad that happens to someone. Comparable to "That sucks."
Herald: Dude, I had to borrow money from my girlfriend cause I forgot my wallet. It was so embarassing!
Fred: The Struggle

Jeff: My souvenir Canadian money totally melted in the car.
Nick: The Struggle
by Struggling Joe July 31, 2012
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When you are making out with your girlfriend and you get a boner and you try to hide it
I was kissing Amy and I was trying to hide it from her, man the struggle was real!
by S109 September 20, 2014
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When you can't have a big dick without people thinking your gay.
Friend 1:Tom has such a big dick, I think hes gay. Tom: The Struggle..
by EyePatchedGhoul March 30, 2015
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