-The place you go to in order to get bullied.
-the place where the children were not born with any talents or social skill so they must be in high school band in order to survive
-place full of geeks that will suffer and die with only a trumpet in their hands
-high school prison
-the place where they make music a sport but in reality it's just noise
-basically don't go to band or your fucked
Don't hang out with him, he is in the high school band!
Fucking nerdy ass high school band kid!
High school band shouldn't even be a subject in school!
by Autism123 January 25, 2016
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1. Arguably one of the best High School Marching programs in the United States
2. A group of dedicated and hard-working individuals who work from May to November to represent Carmel High School in competitions across the Midwest, National competitions, and every 4 years, in another state like California.
3. The High School Marching Band that everyone is salty about for winning 3 years in a row.
Avon fan: "Ugh, the Carmel High School Marching Band won AGAIN."
Broken Arrow fan: "Ikr, they shouldn't have won."
Carmel Kid: "Lol stfu. Broken Arrow and Avon have beat us before."
by They did surgery on a Baritone December 13, 2018
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1. Auxiliary
2. uses Flags most often to express band's song/show theme with colors/shapes along with some genres of dance/acting along with manipulating their equipment.
3. in equipment, may use rifle and/or sabre and sometimes the guard may spin non-equipment props or other unusual equipment such as an "airblade..."
4. helps the band earn more GE points (General Effect points from GE judge)
BOB: I hate the band's guard(High School Colorguard (Marching Band)), they look so silly!

BOBBY: Maybe YOUR BAND'S GUARD, but ours look like they are WORLD CLASS A. That's because your band's guard is 100% beginners.

BOB: How can you tell? All they do is nothing special...

BOBBY: *shows Bob a video of a popular Independent/Open/World A group winterguard*

BOB: Woah! that's not bad!
by All I want is PEACE. December 24, 2011
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best band in the state of delaware. big band with a big sound. directed by Marc Marvel otherwise known as santa or Marv. one big family. where everything is a sexual reference an taken the wrong way. you live in the band room more than you do at home, spend long nights practicing to get everything right, dedication to the fullest. wont meet another band like this one.
Have you seen the Indian river high school marching Band?

-how can you miss them? their huge! an loud! an lead by by santa clause! c'mon now!
by IR Band Nerd :P November 27, 2012
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Ex.: Guards (and sometimes along their bands) are ranked in CLASS (sometimes NOVICE{this is not a usual class name used for beginners and may not be official for beginner guards}, SCHOLASTIC, INDEPENDENT, OPEN, WORLD), with numbers (roman numerals I, II, or III) or sometimes letters (A, AA, or AAA).
The classes are ordered so awards are given to various guard/band sizes and sometimes performance difficulty.
Not all bands/guards reach the same level.
Ex.: If you compare one of the best high school marching bands and guards in Japan along with some average high school marching bands and guards in the United States...
6. Not everybody has to be skinny/slim for guard... you just need to have some body control and muscle. Some guards do require body limits but that's just them. NOT ALL GUARDS DO THAT!
Our school's cheerleaders aren't all perfectly slim and fit but I believe all of them are awesome cheerleaders because they work hard at something they enjoy. Same with other activities...
High School Colorguard (Marching Band) Def. Part 3 Ex.

With the wooden mock rifles/plastic mock rifles or "rifles," their weights can range from 3-7 pounds. The sizes can range from 28" to 39" or even 40"!
Sizes and weights of them can be determined by the users/director's/instructor's needs for rifle speed, skill level usage, appearance, ...

Sabres can come in different sizes and weights but are usually the lightest of the equipment used. For varying skill levels or movements, the sabre can be a bit hard to control and maybe for this reason, it is used commonly for the "graceful" or ballad parts of a performance.

Other equipment such as those "diary key-rifles" or "airblades"... those are special but weird too...

BOB: okay....................
by All I want is PEACE. December 24, 2011
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Some "sports" actually work very hard and kick butt while others may just stand around doing silly things... DEPENDS. ON. CLASS!!!
guard is guard. it does not matter whether you hate it or if you hate the hater of it. you can only truly know what it is if you had experience, but not all experiences have the same conditions. so SHUT UP EVERYONE imma guard kid and i love it and we have to run at least a mile every practice and that's only a small fraction for warm ups. NOT ALL GUARDS DO THIS SO GET THIS IN YOUR HEADS THAT YOU CANNOT BE A PROPER JUDGE OF WHAT ONE GUARD DOES OUT OF MANY unless you are a qualified guard judge... then i'm honored you are reading this! :3
But still, it. depends. on. LEVEL!
High School Colorguard (Marching Band) Def. Part 2 Ex.s

BOBBY: *shows Bob the guy that tosses a 7 with his rifle while sitting*

BOB: so what? aren't those things paper weight?

BOBBY: In order for the equipment to be allowed or qualify to be standardized(guards have to spin standardized equipment for a certain amount of time to avoid penalties and can add other things for more GE), they have to weigh a certain amount. The poles and silks or "flags" have to be top heavy and have some weight at the bottom. Some flags have actual specifically measured weights as most people put washers and bolts at each end. This ensures that the flags, when tossed, don't go flying in outer space. This also keeps the flags in motion while tossed. Flags used can be SUPER GIANT or extremely tiny.
by All I want is PEACE. December 24, 2011
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