A person who has had one or more of their limbs removed.
"Dave" is now an amputee after getting his leg blown off in the war.
by dannyboy1373 October 24, 2007
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I had to get lube to give him a handjob, because "junior" is an amputee
by Ashleey453 February 27, 2010
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A man with a selective advantage over other men. His prosthetic replacement does not necessarily have to be a hand, but a re creation of the male Penis. It's more effective when the limb lost is an arm, just for maneuverablility purposes. Through this prosthetic he can now give two women pleasure at the same time, or one through two holes. Double Amputees can have foursomes in what some call a "sexual trinity."
Dude! That guy is so lucky he is a double amputee. He can now perform a sexual trinity.

I just left the VA hospital. I had my world rocked by a couple of amputees.
by reallywrong January 31, 2010
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Someone who, through extensive gaming, internet use, or other solo activity, has lost the use of their social skills.
Ever since Jeremy got into World of Warcraft he's become a complete social amputee.
by EgoAnt April 8, 2005
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having sex with as many women with missing limbs as possible, the more limbs missing on the woman the higher the score you get.
Hell yeah dude I went on an amputee spree last night and scored a perfect 10 after I slapped her with my cock and knocked her out of her wheelchair.
by Chris Renneb February 1, 2005
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When someone makes some bomb food and they serve it to you.
Also a substitute for bon appetite
Emily:"I made my baby some chicken pot pie."
Jose:" Blond Amputee"
by EmilyTooSavage November 28, 2016
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Someone who has a fetish for an amputee.
"I guess jerry had remembered my ultimate fantasy was to fuck a bitch with no legs!"- amputee lover
by mc dicksauce July 20, 2006
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