It's that little sound it makes when you load a gun or rifle.
I cocked my gun and was ready for action.
by Rockerone April 17, 2004
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when your on Chatroulette, and the next camera you go to is on of a cock, hence you got cocked
I hate chatroulette, i got fucking cocked like 10 times today
by Otakuphi June 20, 2011
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(used as a verb)

To surprise a un-suspected person with a view of your penis/cock/member/wang,etc.
|individual to be cocked|
(occupied by some other task) la la la.....

(Watching TV with penis exposed) " OMG come here quick ... look who's on TV"

|individual to be cocked|
(comes rushing over) "Eeeeks !!! I see your penis !!!"

|prankster| " Hahahaha, I cocked yeh "

*Also works via MMS txt & email
by Sir WRozza July 11, 2009
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Extreme Ownage or getting raped
I was playing UFC and knocked a guy out in 3 seconds. He got cocked.
by GayHomoButtNaked May 30, 2009
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To cock someone is to telephone them, wait for them to answer, say or shout the word 'cock' and then hang up. When this happens, you have been 'cocked'. The practice was made popular in the UK by the hit comedy series 'The Office', in which the hapless Gareth would regularly be cocked by Tim and Dawn.
Nojworth: We haven't cocked Gary lately
MacDaddy: No, lets do it! (phones Gary)
Gary: (answers phone) Hello?
MacDaddy: COCK! (hangs up)
Nojworth and MacDaddy laugh hysterically
Gary: (annoyed) Great. I've just been cocked.
by Nojworth July 20, 2006
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