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bisexual, someone who sleeps with both men and women
I think Jay is confused!!!!
by Miss Pebbles July 30, 2003
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like or relating to that crazy gal on LunarForums
confused is a girl!!
by Michael January 18, 2005
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this really weird feeling you get in your gut when you know somethings not right. or, not being in control and knowing what acctually is happening
no one likes to be confused/=
jen- idk this is like complete confusion, i mean like when he kissed me last night, uknow?

sam-yeah i get you

jen- i thought he didnt like me


by uppnOrthh January 24, 2010
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An exchange of dialogue without the exchange of logic or understanding.
I overheard a confusation between a christian and a scientologist this morning. It was basically a futile debate between mythology and science fiction.
by chendy April 21, 2008
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What? How did I get here? Where the...
Hey! What's going on? Jesus Christ! TELL ME!! What the?? I'm confused!! What's going on here? AHHH!
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A confuser is someone who you are attracted to despite not usually fancying someone of that gender
Dave: I usually like girls but I do have a bit of a thing for Johnny Depp
Hazel: Oh, he's your confuser. Mine is Drew Barrymore
by badbumblebee March 9, 2010
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Complete misundertanding of a persons words, thoughts or actions or heard or seen. Usually resulting in embarassment, laughter, hatred, fighting(be it words or weapons), and in some cases, attraction.
I was in a state of complete confusion when I entered the church and saw the devil raping kids.
by Schnatz June 18, 2005
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