Song originally made by Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Bun B talking about Texas and Houston in particular, and how people from else where "don't know about" things from Texas and Houston. Has been remixed into songs like "They Still Don't Know" by Paul Wall, Archie Lee and Lil Keke.
"They don't know about H-Town,
They don't know about Screw sound,
They don't know about already, what's the deal and holdin it down"
- Lil Keke
by Tanderson March 6, 2006
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What you click while taking that silly survey if you're not sure if you like or don't like the definition.
I didn't know what to click on the definition for ZEN-KUTSADOSHI so I clicked on "don't know"
by The All-Knower December 28, 2005
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I had a similar thought. I love your sunny outlook, I think I spent so long in the dark I forgot what someone elses light felt like.

It might have been the saddest day I've known.. and yes.. you could be wrong, so could I.

But we both know, there's no handbook for love.

No 'way' things should be done.

It happens, you can't stop it. Even if I could, I wouldn't want to.

Embracing the love it is then. Till we both have our 'one day'

What are the events you refer to? I've definitely felt crazy the last few days!
I'm not questioning responding to you.. I don't know why yet.

I don't know what to question still.. there's several more moments I mentioned, as did you, that I'm not sure I want you to clarify..

I still have some.. hope I guess.. that she knows.

The moonstone.. the bracelet.. the indescribable moments our hands briefly touched.. the longing to have that hand in mine.. I can't put into words
by 4_u August 22, 2023
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I just asked my friends what I should add to the urban dictionary and they said "I don't know" so here is the definition :)
Barry: "What does "IDK" mean?"
larry: "I don't know."
Barry: "God dammit nobody seems to."
by depressed_bin_chicken123 September 26, 2019
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What do you think it means? Whats that? You don't know? OH MY GOD! YOU JUST WORKED IT OT!
Why the hell are you reading definitions of "I Don't Know"?

Man... I don't know!
by Pimpage. April 2, 2005
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Response to a question that has nothing to do with the story you are telling at the time the question is asked.
John: I can't believe that Dave caught his girlfriend with his roommate.

Mike: did she ever get hired by that high tech company??
John: don't know, don't care. Dave is going to have to dump her sneaky ass.
by WSDC August 17, 2015
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