247 definitions by Brendan

1. Alcoholic beverage.
2. Something consumed as a fluid.
1. You got the drink for the party?
2. I'm so thirsty, I need a drink.
by Brendan September 16, 2004
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The LAFD have had to work hard due to the recent fires in the area due to global warming. Fortunately the LAFD aren't as corrupt as the LAPD and the fires were dealt with well.
by Brendan September 5, 2004
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Someone who has sex with sheep.
''Those Aberdeen fans are all Sheep Shaggin' bastards''
by Brendan April 7, 2003
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An area of Livingston, including streets such as Bankton Park East.
I can't believe you really live in Murieston!!!!!!!111111
by Brendan September 1, 2004
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Arrogant bitch that ordered that the staff of the Balmoral Hotel (at which she was staying in Edinburg when she came over for the '03 Euro MTV Awards) not make eye contact with her at all.
by Brendan November 11, 2003
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What's the TWO lrf looking like for that period?
by Brendan March 1, 2005
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TV production company. I guess now defunct as I haven't heard a child say "dic" at the end of any programmes recently.
Programme credits finish...music jingle and "dic". There we go. The programme has now finished.
by Brendan May 19, 2004
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