246 definitions by Brendan

Any evil person or thing that is going to effect your chances of scoring
I was going to dive in but there were to many obstacles.
by Brendan May 13, 2004
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The chick you are hoping to be scoring with.
That's my target right there. (point)
by Brendan May 13, 2004
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1. Alcoholic beverage.
2. Something consumed as a fluid.
1. You got the drink for the party?
2. I'm so thirsty, I need a drink.
by Brendan September 16, 2004
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The LAFD have had to work hard due to the recent fires in the area due to global warming. Fortunately the LAFD aren't as corrupt as the LAPD and the fires were dealt with well.
by Brendan September 5, 2004
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Someone who has sex with sheep.
''Those Aberdeen fans are all Sheep Shaggin' bastards''
by Brendan April 7, 2003
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A fault in a computer system or any physical entity including humanoids.
I have been pwnz0red by a bug and am not well.
by Brendan June 22, 2004
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