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10 definitions by El Cangri

Spanish for 'gangster' or 'thug'
whatup maliante
by El Cangri May 3, 2004
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the word that is most often used by women and men when they don't know how a relationship is going, or if there is a relation ship.
ME: So is there an us?
YOU: Umm, just cuz we talk every night for 2 months straight doesn't mean we're seeing eachother...
ME: I thought we had a relationship going? What about the sex, and the flowers cards and candy, and the dates, and meeting your parents?
YOU: Well, I'm confused about all this too
by El Cangri April 10, 2005
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nigga its the best cigarette ever made even with the fiberglass. makes me feel like i'm dying so i know i'm getting my moneys worth son!
you got a newport? SHIT YEA BUT U AINT GETTIN IT
by El Cangri April 10, 2005
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Spanish style of dancing that litterally means "doggy-style"
Guyando, Sudando, Perriando, Bellakiando! Nicky Jam
by El Cangri April 10, 2005
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spanish for it "drop it to the floor" or however you feel like tellin a female to back that ass up
Oye mami, dale hasta abajo!
Hey mami go back it up!
by El Cangri April 30, 2004
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Comes from Top Gun. DICKHEAD and not to mention funny way of saying "No"
You: Can i bum a square?
Me: Negative ghostrider, you got money"
by El Cangri April 10, 2005
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